The CNMI Welcomes More Medical Supplies to Combat COVID-19

The CNMI welcomes another batch of medical supplies from Los Angeles, California to enhance the COVID-19 testing in the island.

The cargo was carried on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines flight, and POI Aviation took charge in ground handling of essential equipment and supplies. CTSI Logistics spearheaded the trucking and transporting on the ground.

TanHoldings’ Asia Pacific Airlines, POI Aviation, and CTSI Logistics remain committed in handling and delivering medical equipment amidst the global pandemic.

A Cargo of Hope Arrives at the CNMI

A cargo of hope arrived last May 27, 2020 at the Saipan International Airport.

Another batch of medical supplies from Bangkok, Thailand was carried on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines flight, with CTSI Logistics.

CTSI Logistics and Asia Pacific Airlines, both Business Units of TanHoldings, continues their commitment to support the fight of the Marianas against COVID-19. The timely and effective handling of medical equipment is instrumental during this challenging time.

CTSI Logistics Inc. and POI Aviation Continue to Assist in CNMI’s COVID-19 Fight

TanHoldings’ POI Aviation and CTSI Logistics, Inc. remain in action in handling essential cargo for the fight against COVID-19.

Another batch of shipment arrived at the Saipan International Airport last May 22, 2020. The cargo carrying COVID-19 test kits and other vital medical supplies came from Incheon, South Korea. CTSI Logistics Saipan took the lead in ground handling of the shipment.

Also onboard the said chartered Asiana Airlines flight handled by POI Aviation are pathologists who were flown in to help the CNMI’s fight against the global pandemic.

POI Aviation’s Mission to Combat COVID-19

Critical to the control of COVID-19 spread is proper sanitation. COVID-19 is transmitted via aerosols and droplets and can live on surfaces for days.

With their newly-launched service, TanHoldings’ POI Aviation team has disinfected airline equipment of flights arriving on the island.

This is in partnership and collaboration with airlines who has increased their safety precautions, including cleaning and sanitation protocols, for the safety of their staff and passengers.

POI Aviation Launches New Sanitizing Service for the Community’s Protection Against COVID-19

POI Aviation, the TanHoldings’ aviation business launched a new sanitizing service that aims to clean and disinfect commercial areas such as offices and hotels during the global pandemic.

COVID-19 is known to remain on the surface of an area/room. Taking measures like sanitizing and disinfecting the area will help prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The team is equipped with full personal protective equipment (PPE) suits and has undergone training in cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Assists Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of TanHoldings, donated $18,000 worth of relief goods to Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation (EVMF) last Thursday, May 14, 2020 at the ministry’s office in Gualo Rai, Saipan. 

TanHoldings CEO and President Jerry Tan and TSL Foundation Executive Director Merlie Tolentino handed over the canned goods, cereals, milk, and packs of fruit juices to EVMF president Rosalyn Ajoste that will help 500 families who are affected by the global pandemic. 

“The Empty Vessel Ministry has consistently provided food assistance to members of our community. They were there when we had two strong typhoons and now, they are stepping up for families that are affected by this pandemic. Even on ordinary days, Empty Vessel keeps its door open to people in need. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to be able to provide assistance to the community yearlong so we’re fortunate to have the Empty Vessel Ministry in the CNMI,” Tolentino said. 

“They are part of our very generous community and we, at the Tan Siu Lin Foundation is honored to help their program, she added. 

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Provides Assistance to the Lions Clubs International District 204

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of TanHoldings donated over $3,000 worth of relief goods to the Lions Clubs International District 204 last Sunday, May 3, 2020.

TSL Foundation’s donation to Lions Clubs International District 204 is consisted of grocery items like cereals, fresh milk, juicy juice, peanut butter, and SPAM products, and handed it over to 200 families in Kagman, Koblerville, Chalan Kanoa, San Antonio, Dandan, and Garapan.

“We are so grateful for the donation of TSL Foundation, especially to Mr. Jerry Tan and to the TSLF executive director Ms. Merlie Tolentino for accommodating our request,” said Region 2 Chairwoman Annamae Adaza.

Tan Holdings and Tan Siu Lin Foundation Donate Care Packages for the CNMI Front-liners

TanHoldings and Tan Siu Lin Foundation donated 585 care packages for the CNMI front-liners last May 1, 2020.
The packages delivered by D&Q were distributed to Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC), Emergency Operations Center (OEC), Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (DFEMS) and to the Department of Public Safety (DPS).
CHCC also received additional 15,000 face mask from TanHoldings and 5,000 face mask from Northern Mariana Islands Football Association.

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Backs Fronliners’ Fight Against COVID-19

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of TanHoldings donated face masks and gift bags to give tribute to the CNMI’s brave frontliners last April 29, 2020 at the JP Center.

TanHoldings CEO and President Jerry Tan together with Governor Ralph DLG Torres and other company executives acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the fronliners in helping the CNMI’s battle during this challenging time.

Additional Medical Supplies Arrived in the CNMI

CTSI Logistics, the TanHoldings logistics arm, handled Asiana Airlines charter flight from South Korea to deliver additional medical supplies last April 24, 2020 at the Saipan International Airport. 

Medical supplies include 15,000 test kits, more personal protective equipment (PPE) for the medical workers and first responders, and the polymerase chain reaction testing equipment that will enhance and validate COVID-19 testing in the CNMI. 

The Governor’s Authorized Representative (GAR) Patrick Guerrero said in his interview on a Facebook livestream video that this charter flight was the CNMI’s fifth flight and they are hoping that in a coming days or weeks, they can implement the mass testing in able to instill peace and make the community feel safe. 

As per the Governor Ralph DLG Torres, “This pandemic is filled with unknowns, but what is known is the aggressive response efforts we are taking to flatten the curve more than the rest of the world, and as Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. (CHCCand our team continue to strategize mass testing for our community, we must keep our guard up until we defeat this disease. 

“Let’s continue to support our brave doctors and nurses, health care workers, first responders, their families, local and federal government employees, and private sector partners by staying home as much as you can,” he added. 

CTSI Logistics Inc. and Asia Pacific Airlines Support CNMI’s Fight Against Covid-19

TanHoldings‘ Asia Pacific Airlines and CTSI Logistics showed their support and effort to fight against the global pandemic with the CNMI government.  The medical supplies which arrived last April 20 from Long Beach, California were on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines plane, while CTSI Logistics handled the cargo on the ground.  

As per the COVID-19 Task Force Chairman Warren Villagomez, medical supplies such as ventilators, UV lights for infection control and other equipment will be used to increase the capability and facilities of Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) laboratories to enhance Covid-19 testing. 

They are also expecting more of the supplies they have ordered to come this week to provide better medical services to the CNMI residents. 

Governor Ralph DLG Torres also commended the effort of CTSI Logistics in helping them to deliver medical supplies for the CHCC laboratories and other hospital lab. 

“Stay strong, Marianas. Together, we can and we will beat Corona virus”, he added. 

CEO Jerry Tan Elected as Northern Marianas Sports Association’s President

The TanHoldings CEO and President Jerry Tan was the elected president of Northern Marianas Sports Association (NMSA) during the board election last Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

“I am honored and humbled with this election and deeply grateful for the trust that the NMSA board and the general membership have given me,” Tan said.

The new NMSA group officials will serve on the board for two years.

Right after the election, the NMSA board had a meeting to discuss its priorities that aim to focus on the improvement of facilities, specifically the Oleai Sports Complex and the former Kan Pacific Swimming Pool, technical department, competitions and funds/finances of each sports federation.

President Jerry Tan also stated that in line with the preparation for the hosting of 2021 Pacific Mini Games, the NMSA board and the rest of the sports community, along with the government and business leaders will have a lot of planning and work to do.

“With these challenges ahead, I humbly ask for everyone’s support so that we can achieve our goals for CNMI sports,” he added.

TanHoldings Hones Young Leaders Through Pacific Century Fellows Program

18 members of the Pacific Century Fellows (PCF) Class of 2019 graduated last February 27, 2020 at the Hibiscus Hall of the Fiesta Resort & Spa in Garapan.

PCF was established by the Tan Siu Lin Foundation through Tan Holdings with the purpose of developing young leaders in the community.

Participants of PCF are given the opportunity to be mentored by professionals from their chosen field of specialization. The PCF program runs for nine months.

According to TanHoldings CEO and President Jerry Tan, CNMI has a lot of potential opportunities and it is about the people who are willing to make things happen.

“As long as we can encourage everyone to stay involved, stay engaged, and participate in what’s going on, the Commonwealth can move forward,” Tan added.

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Supports 2020 TJ5K Bubble Color Run

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of TanHoldings extends their support for the upcoming 2020 TJ5K Bubble Color Run on March 7, 2020 by giving more than $10,000 worth of donation.

TJ5K Bubble Color Run/Walk is the most colorful and exciting run on Saipan.

Proceeds from the event will be given to its beneficiaries – the Make-A-Wish Foundation which will assist them in their mission to continually give and grant wishes of children who have life-threatening diseases, and the Commonwealth Cancer Association as they continue to raise cancer awareness and prevention as well as its mission to provide support services for the patients.

As per the Vice President Mike Sablan of Triple J Enterprises, the Tan Siu Lin foundation has been their partner for a long time. They go hand in hand in supporting the growth and development of the community in CNMI and in Guam.

“We are honored by the foundation’s generosity to our Triple J 5K community event. With Tan Siu Lin Foundation’s contributions and extended volunteer support we can make a bigger impact on our island community,” Sablan said.

Tan Holdings, Saipan Tribune and CTSI Logistics at the Christmas Village

The annual Christmas Village kicked off last December 6, 2019 at the lawn of the Pedro P. Tenorio Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe. Christmas trees, fireplace and booths were set and lit up.

23 booths including Tan Holdings, Saipan Tribune and CTSI Logistics on display at the Christmas Village has a theme from “Santa’s Candy Land” to “The North Pole,” from “DCCAVille” to “Navigating our Waters,” from “Flinstones” to “Upside Down Christmas.”

Saipan Tribune’s entry took home the 1st place-prize that has been awarded last December 18, 2019.

As per Saipan Mayor David Apatang, the Christmas Village good for the community and they are doing it for the children. Because of this event, it has continually brings out the Christmas spirit within the people of their community.

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Assisted Tourism Promotion Programs

The Tan Siu Lin Foundation expressed their support to the Paseo de Marianas Promoters, Inc. through giving financial assistance to the group for the beautification and tourism promotion projects.

It was an early Christmas gift for the PDM Promoters, Inc. as they received a donation worth $2,000 from the charitable arm of TanHoldings – the Tan Siu Lin Foundation.

A portion of the TSL Foundation’s donation was used to buy materials and crafts for the Christmas trees which are now displayed at Paseo de Marianas as part of the holiday festivities of the island.

The TSL Foundation’s financial aid to the PDM Promoters, Inc. will also be a help for its monthly clean-up drive and for the uniforms and instruments used by the Saipan Awaodori Team.

“The Tan Siu Lin Foundation is pleased to work with PDM Promoters, Inc., which for more than a decade has been helping promote our islands to Japanese tourists. They are also responsible for the Christmas Tree Decorating Contest that schools look forward to every year and brings the holiday spirit on island,” said Merlie Tolentino, executive director of the TSL Foundation.

TSL Foundation Backs the CNMI Women’s Association

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of TanHoldings, showed their support to the CNMI Women’s association through their donation to the group.

Tan Siu Lin Foundation representatives presented the ceremonial check donation to the CNMI Women’s Association at the Fiesta Resort and Spa Saipan during the group’s inaugural Fun-Raise-Her Dinner. Through this donation, the CNMI Women’s Association will continue to empower women by helping them finish their studies and eventually jumpstart their professional careers.

“On behalf of CWA board, I would like to extend our gratitude to TanHoldings and the TSL Foundation for helping us realize our mission. Through their help and other corporate sponsors, we are able to remain committed to helping women become successful to fully participate in different phases of development in our community,” said CWA program administrator Felicidad Ogumoro.

Tan Siu Lin Foundation Donates Laptop Bags to the Guam Department of Education

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of Tan Holdings donated 10,000 laptop bags worth $250,000 to the Guam Department of Education last October 21, 2019.

These laptop bags were given to Guam high schools students and other faculty members to help them secure their laptops, books and other school materials.

“We do hope it will rub off on other philanthropists in the community, but it does show the necessary partnership between our community and private sector, which is going to produce the workers and leaders for the next decade or so and beyond,” Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez said.

Tan Holdings Wins 3rd Place in the 14th Annual Plane Pull Fundraising Event


Tan Holdings ranked 3rd in Co-Ed  edition for the 14th Annual Plane Pull “Towing the Line to Save Lives” which was held on September 14, 2019 at the United Hangar in Tiyan, Guam.

“Towing the Line to Save Lives” is an annual fundraising event to reach cancer patients and to fight the disease. Paula Monk, United’s senior sales manager said, “Cancer affects all of us in one way or another and we’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to play a role in supporting the American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer Care.”

Team Tan Holdings, together with the other 21 teams, registered in this year’s fundraising event to help fight against cancer. Tan Holdings has volunteers: the TH members and United Service Organizations (USO) sponsored team.

The 14th Annual Plane Pull event raised more than $20,000 which will benefit the American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer Care.

“Plane Pull brings the best of our community together to raise funds for the fight against cancer. I’d like to thank each of the teams who came out strong in support of our Cancer Warriors and Survivors, American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer Care.”, United’s Managing Director Sam Shinohara said.

Honoring the Unsung Heroes of the CNMI’s Tourism Industry

The 5th Annual Gala Night is spearheaded by Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan general manager Wendy Herring and Kanoa Resort general manager Martin Jambor. It is a moment to honor all the hotel housekeepers and to recognize them as the “unsung heroes” of the CNMI’s tourism industry.

During the program, Herring said “You are the unsung heroes of the hotel. [With] the work that you do day in and day out, with the beautiful smiles on your faces, please know that you are appreciated.”

The International Housekeeping Week is a week-long celebration globally which aims to put the spotlight on the important roles of housekeepers that they take part in the tourism industry.

From September 8 to September 12, hotel housekeepers were treated to breakfast, engaged in fun activities and they had a cake and tea party.

Cherilyn Manalo, one of the housekeepers at the gala night who finds fulfillment in her job said, “I love the sense of having to make tourists feel like they have a home here on Saipan.”