POI Aviation in Action

The TanHoldings’ POI Aviation took part in sanitizing and disinfecting the facilities and vehicles of the CNMI Department of Corrections (DOC) last December 22,2020. Team members of POI Aviation run a thorough cleaning of the facilities to ensure the safety of the Department of Correction’s employees as well as its inmates. The TanHoldings family remains […]Read More »

TanHoldings Cares: The Commitment Remains

TanHoldings’ CTSI Logistics, Asia Pacific Airlines, and POI Aviation remained in action in bringing vital equipment amid the global pandemic. A shipment was carried on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines flight from Incheon, South Korea, consisting of testing kits and 10 ultra-cold freezers that will be used as storage for the COVID-19 vaccines for the […]Read More »

One with the Community in Rebuilding the CNMI

  The TanHoldings Corporation has allocated funds for the recovery of sites that were destructed by typhoons. TanHoldings is with 32 other organizations who are committed in maintaining the facilities and locations around the islands of the CNMI.  TanHoldings Corporate Business Development Vice President Alex Sablan stated in his interview that the TanHoldings Corporation is part of the Public-Private Partnership program of the Governor’s Council of Economic […]Read More »

Tan Siu Lin Foundation’s Laptop Bag Donation to Public School System

Tan Siu Lin Foundation, the charitable arm of TanHoldings donated 4,887 laptop bags worth $122,175 to Public School System (PSS) for the students’ online classes. Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada uttered that this is the perfect time to receive TSL Foundation’s donation for it will help the students to cope up for this year’s online schooling.  “Education is one […]Read More »

TanHoldings Initiative: CNMI Clean, CNMI Green

TanHoldings, together with all the Strategic Business Units has started the TanHoldings’ Anti-Littering Campaign which will run from August 30-November 6, 2020. This campaign aims to create a pristine and litter-free CNMI. In line with this, the company also wants to inspire its team members and families that taking a good care for the island begins with them. The TanHoldings’ team members […]Read More »

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