The CNMI Welcomes More Medical Supplies to Combat COVID-19

The CNMI welcomes another batch of medical supplies from Los Angeles, California to enhance the COVID-19 testing in the island. The cargo was carried on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines flight, and POI Aviation took charge in ground handling of essential equipment and supplies. CTSI Logistics spearheaded the trucking and transporting on the ground. TanHoldings’ Asia Pacific Airlines, POI Aviation, and […]Read More »

A Cargo of Hope Arrives at the CNMI

A cargo of hope arrived last May 27, 2020 at the Saipan International Airport. Another batch of medical supplies from Bangkok, Thailand was carried on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines flight, with CTSI Logistics. CTSI Logistics and Asia Pacific Airlines, both Business Units of TanHoldings, continues their commitment to support the fight of the Marianas […]Read More »

CTSI Logistics Inc. and POI Aviation Continue to Assist in CNMI’s COVID-19 Fight

TanHoldings’ POI Aviation and CTSI Logistics, Inc. remain in action in handling essential cargo for the fight against COVID-19. Another batch of shipment arrived at the Saipan International Airport last May 22, 2020. The cargo carrying COVID-19 test kits and other vital medical supplies came from Incheon, South Korea. CTSI Logistics Saipan took the lead […]Read More »

POI Aviation’s Mission to Combat COVID-19

Critical to the control of COVID-19 spread is proper sanitation. COVID-19 is transmitted via aerosols and droplets and can live on surfaces for days. With their newly-launched service, TanHoldings’ POI Aviation team has disinfected airline equipment of flights arriving on the island. This is in partnership and collaboration with airlines who has increased their safety […]Read More »

POI Aviation Launches New Sanitizing Service for the Community’s Protection Against COVID-19

POI Aviation, the TanHoldings’ aviation business launched a new sanitizing service that aims to clean and disinfect commercial areas such as offices and hotels during the global pandemic. COVID-19 is known to remain on the surface of an area/room. Taking measures like sanitizing and disinfecting the area will help prevent the spread of the Corona virus. The team is equipped with full personal […]Read More »

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