Social responsibility is an integral part of the Tan Holdings culture and values system. We believe the idea of sacrificing one’s time and energy to help others is what true volunteerism is all about. It is the yardstick by which our character and value as individuals or as an organization will ultimately be measured.
The Micronesian region is composed of many small island communities where resources are very limited. This makes community work so much more important for us at Tan Holdings. That is the reason why our executives and employees actively contribute personal time and resources to support local communities and varied non-profit associations in the region.The “iServe iGive Back” logo is a testament to Tan Holdings and all its affiliates’ collective embrace and commitment to true volunteerism at all levels. Tan Siu Lin Foundation A deep commitment to uplifting the quality of life in the communities where we live and work is the driving force behind the Tan Siu Lin Foundation. Initially founded in 2002 as the Tan Holdings Foundation, the organization was renamed in honor of our Chairman, Dr. Tan Siu Lin.

A Brief History

The Tan Holdings Foundation was formed in 2002, and was recently renamed after our company’s founder and Chairman, Dr. Tan Siu Lin. Through the years, the Tan Siu Lin Foundation has launched initiatives and built trusted partnerships with a diverse array of individuals, families, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. These partners represent many different backgrounds and income levels. Our main mission is to better serve the regions where we operate in thus making our communities a better place to live.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting local culture

The Chamorro culture is a rich tableau of varied regional influences, as well as portuguese ancestry. Tan Holdings celebrates this rich and deep culture and has been supportive of various socio-cultural activities that bring out the best in our culture.

Reaching out to the community

The bedrock of our iServe, iGive Back philosophy is founded on hard work and public service. For many years now, Tan Holdings has been at the forefront of social change and community upliftment. Our businesses all take into account the crucial need to be part of community and nation-building.

Commitment to the environment

Each one of us is a steward of environmental protection. This is the motto we live by and Tan Holdings team members go out of their way to advocate causes that protect the environment and promote “green” practices wherever we go.

Promoting sports and values formation

Sports is the liveblood of the youth and the youth are our future. Tan Holdings has a big stake in youth sports programs particularly in football. With many of its executives also sports-minded, this is a natural mix that helps everyone live healthy and competitive lifestyles.
Our Mission
The Foundation drives reform by engaging in practice, policy and partnerships that provide quality education, social welfare, cultural and sports enrichment opportunities. Our fundamental purpose is to improve the well-being of every community we serve. Many community foundations are dedicated to a city or country; our Foundation is one of the few with a Western Pacific regional spam. These regions span have obtained local leadership and expertise. Both the breadth of vision and deep local knowledge can help us focus our giving where it will have the greatest impact.
Our Officers
Tan Siu Lin
Chairman of the Board

Henry Tan

Willie Tan

Jerry Tan

Glicerio Arago
Secretary, Treasurer and Director

George Chiu