CEO Jerry Tan Elected as Northern Marianas Sports Association’s President

The TanHoldings CEO and President Jerry Tan was the elected president of Northern Marianas Sports Association (NMSA) during the board election last Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

“I am honored and humbled with this election and deeply grateful for the trust that the NMSA board and the general membership have given me,” Tan said.

The new NMSA group officials will serve on the board for two years.

Right after the election, the NMSA board had a meeting to discuss its priorities that aim to focus on the improvement of facilities, specifically the Oleai Sports Complex and the former Kan Pacific Swimming Pool, technical department, competitions and funds/finances of each sports federation.

President Jerry Tan also stated that in line with the preparation for the hosting of 2021 Pacific Mini Games, the NMSA board and the rest of the sports community, along with the government and business leaders will have a lot of planning and work to do.

“With these challenges ahead, I humbly ask for everyone’s support so that we can achieve our goals for CNMI sports,” he added.