Our People

Our Core Values Tan Holdings and its affiliates are creating a corporate culture where customers are placed in the center of all business activities. To promote good communication and teamwork, as well as an effective and efficient working climate, we believe in helping our employees to develop the right values and behavior that make these systems work. We have developed our own “Corporate Values and Practices” in order for these values to meet the needs of our internal and external customers worldwide. These are the principles that give our organization character and definition and which steer us towards the realization of our corporate vision.

Involvement in the communities we serve

Social responsibility is an integral part of the Tan Holdings culture and values system. We believe the idea of sacrificing one’s time and energies to help others is what true volunteerism is all about. It is the yardstick by which our character and value as individuals or as an organization will ultimately be measured. People Training Tan Holdings has established its own corporate training department on Saipan to assist in the continuous development of our in-house capabilities. The mission of this department is to train and develop our most important resource, our people, towards effective performance and efficient customer service. This endeavor is in full support of our business objectives. Producing quality training programs and providing processes to facilitate learning and build competencies is the Department’s contribution to enhancing employee and organizational effectiveness. Training is provided year-round in such areas as: personal and professional effectiveness, corporate values and vision, service excellence, leadership and management training, and going beyond customer expectations.
A commitment to our people Tan Holdings Corporation employs more than 4,000 people in the Western Pacific region. Our Human Resources Division is committed to professionalism and to contribute to the strategic growth of the company by developing and maintaining organizational and employee effectiveness, protectiveness, and upholding international standards for human rights.
Health & Safety
Tan Holdings Corporation has a strong commitment to create a safe work environment for all employees. The management provides continuous training to our employees in partnership with experts in the Health and Safety industry to ensure strict compliance with all applicable American and local labor laws.
Active involvement in sports is a foundation for discipline, teamwork and leadership among the youth. Over the years Tan Holdings has played an active role in sports development, both internal with its team members, and external with the community. Team sports are venues for learning fair play and cooperation, virtues that have great importance in business.