TanHoldings Joins in Spirit at the 2024 Marianas March Against Cancer

TanHoldings proudly teamed up with Kagman High School and hundreds of community members at the 2024 Marianas March Against Cancer (MMAC), held at the CPA Airport field. This heartwarming event brought together 17 teams from various sectors, including government, private companies, schools, and families, to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and support.

Jenypy Sambile, the 2024 MMAC chair, expressed deep gratitude for the overwhelming community support, highlighting the importance of spreading awareness about resources available through MMAC.

The return of the MMAC after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic was a touching moment for all participants. Everyone exemplified the strength and unity within the community, showcasing the unwavering spirit of those dedicated to fighting against cancer.

Together, we stand strong against cancer, spreading hope and compassion every step of the way.

CTSI Logistics Supports Four Seasons Hotel Operations in Palau

In the vibrant tourism hub of Palau, luxury brand Four Seasons Hotel has found a trusted logistics partner in CTSI Logistics, a business unit of TanHoldings.

CTSI Logistics serves as the logistical backbone for Four Seasons in Palau, coordinating a multifaceted shipping network that includes Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), and air freight services inbound to the island. However, the partnership extends far beyond mere transportation logistics; it embodies a commitment to excellence and reliability in every aspect of the supply chain.

Partnering with PIL Logistics Singapore for outbound shipments originating from Singapore and neighboring Asian countries including Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam; further enhances the efficiency and reach of this collaboration. This strategic alliance ensures that goods flow seamlessly in both directions, optimizing operations and minimizing delays.

At the heart of CTSI Palau’s operations lies a dedication to local logistics handling. From customs clearance to cargo delivery, every step is meticulously managed to ensure swift and compliant movement of goods. Moreover, CTSI Palau stands ready to cater to the unique needs of its clients, offering a level of competitiveness that sets it apart from traditional logistics providers.

One of the key advantages of partnering with CTSI Logistics is the extensive network of stations and global partners at its disposal. Leveraging these resources, CTSI Palau can tap into a wealth of expertise and infrastructure, ensuring that clients benefit from competitive pricing and unparalleled efficiency.

As Palau continues to thrive as a destination of choice for travelers worldwide, the partnership between CTSI Logistics and Four Seasons Hotel serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping the future of the hospitality industry. Together, they pave the way for a new era of seamless supply chain solutions, reinforcing TanHoldings’ commitment to excellence and innovation in logistics and beyond.

Century Insurance Company Guam and Catholic Social Services Guam Collaborate to Support Alee Shelter

In a collaborative effort to support victims, Century Insurance Company Guam, a business unit of TanHoldings, joined forces with Anthony Baleto of Catholic Social Services Guam to provide assistance to the Alee Shelter.

The Alee Women’s Shelter provides emergency/protective shelter for victims of family domestic violence and sexual assault. Serving women, with or without children, who are in crisis due to family domestic violence and sexual assault, the shelter ensures safety and security by keeping its location confidential. It offers protective shelter for up to 45 days, along with meals and clothing assistance. The shelter also provides moral and physical support to help victims begin a new, healthy lifestyle. Services also include respite care and childcare as needed, enabling adult clients to access necessary services for their future safety and to promote independent living. Case management services are offered to help obtain financial assistance, medical help, food stamps, housing, and legal services. Workshops are conducted on various topics such as good hygienic health care, family health, nutrition, good housekeeping, parenting skills, coping skills, assertiveness skills, building self-esteem, and enhancing knowledge of self-worth, all of which help to improve interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, the shelter offers continued case management services even after clients leave the shelter.

Through this partnership, Century Insurance aims to contribute to the welfare of the community and extend support to those in need, furthering its commitment to community welfare and social responsibility.

TSLF Honors NMC Scholarship Recipients

Investing in education is a cornerstone of building a brighter future for individuals and communities. Recognizing this, TanHoldings proudly supports the recipients of the Tan Siu Lin Foundation (TSLF) Scholarship. Last April 12, Northern Marianas College (NMC) students Erwin Aguirre, Richard Baleares, Angela Barbo, Ardel Ciolo, Leana Cristobal, Jude Litulumar, Kiana Propst, Trina Rena, Bonnie Gio Sagana, and Joshua Waldo were honored during a reception ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan.

The event, attended by TanHoldings President and CEO Jerry Tan, TSLF Executive Director Merlie Tolentino, Northern Marianas College President Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero, NMC Board of Regents Chair Charles Cepeda, and NMC Dean of Student Support Services Charlotte Cepeda, celebrated the academic achievements of these outstanding scholars. The Tan Siu Lin Foundation, as the philanthropic arm of TanHoldings, remains committed to supporting education and empowering the youth for a brighter tomorrow.

D&Q International Distributors Celebrates World Oral Health Day

D&Q International Distributors (GuamHome Essentials) celebrated World Oral Health Day by spreading smiles across Guam. On this special day, their SMILE van set out on a journey to various dental clinics across the island, posing a simple question: #WhatMakesYouSmile? Among the clinics visited was TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc., where they received heartwarming responses from the community.

As part of TanHoldings, both TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc. and D&Q International Distributors are committed to promoting oral health and wellness within the community. Their collaborative efforts on World Oral Health Day aimed to highlight the importance of oral hygiene and spread smiles across Guam.

POI Aviation Guam Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

TanHoldings celebrated a significant milestone as POI Aviation Guam marked its first year anniversary on Friday, February 2. The Hawaiian-themed celebration took place at the Crowne Plaza Resort Guam Club Lounge from 5:00 to 9:00 PM. The event featured games, a raffle, a talent show, and an award ceremony, creating an unforgettable evening for all attendees.

Expressing sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this milestone, TanHoldings congratulates POI Aviation Guam on its journey so far. The event was a testament to the support and dedication of the Guam community. Looking ahead, TanHoldings is committed to supporting POI Aviation as it continues to soar in the aviation industry.

CTSI Logistics Concludes ‘One Small Step, A Giant Leap for Health’ Walking Challenge

TanHoldings is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the ‘One Small Step, A Giant Leap for Health’ walking challenge initiated by CTSI Logistics in the last three months of 2023. As a business unit of TanHoldings, CTSI Logistics orchestrated this challenge across its global stations, marking a significant turning point with millions of collective steps taken towards enhanced health, vitality, and overall well-being.

With 110 registered participants, the challenge amassed a total of 23,438,077 steps from October 1 to December 31, 2023. TanHoldings extends its heartfelt thanks to every CTSI team member who participated, recognizing their dedication to personal wellness and reinforcing the company’s commitment to prioritizing employee health and camaraderie.

TakeCare Sponsors Sprint Tri Series Races

Promoting health and fitness within the community, TakeCare Insurance sponsored the Guam Triathlon Federation‘s Sprint Tri Series Races held on January 7 and 21, 2024. The event, consisting of the TakeCare Super Sprint Distance Series 1 and Series 2 Triathlon, featured a 200m swim, a 10K bike, and a 2K run at Hoover Park, Piti, Guam.

Participants had the opportunity to kickstart 2024 with a commitment to health and fitness, taking on the challenge of the triathlon races. Congratulations to all the participants who competed in the series, showcasing their dedication to an active and healthy lifestyle.

AB Risk Solutions Marks a Decade of Joyful Traditions with New Year’s Baby Gifts

AB Risk Solutions, for the tenth consecutive year, has continued its tradition of presenting New Year’s Baby gifts, bringing joy to new parents and their little ones. This annual gesture, made possible through the collective efforts of AB Risk’s dedicated staff and the contributions of D&Q Distributors (Pampers wipes and diapers), exemplifies the commitment of TanHoldings’ Strategic Business Units  to community welfare.

The thoughtful contribution, symbolized by diapers and wipes, goes beyond a simple gift; it reflects a decade-long dedication to spreading happiness during a special moment in the lives of local families. AB Risk Solutions, in collaboration with its partners, continues to demonstrate the values of community care, fostering a positive impact that extends well beyond business operations.

APA Elevates Operations with Comply365’s Advanced Mobile Platform

Photo from Aircraft IT

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Asia Pacific Airlines (APA), a business unit within TanHoldings that specializes in air cargo services. APA is gearing up for a significant leap forward with the incorporation of Comply365‘s state-of-the-art mobile platform. This cutting-edge technology promises more streamlined content delivery to APA’s committed flight crews, ensuring smooth operations and efficient tracking of compliance standards for essential air cargo services spanning the Pacific region.

The collaborative venture between APA and Comply365 was recently featured on pages 32-33 of the Winter 2023 issue of Aircraft IT, marking a noteworthy stride in the aviation sector. For further details, read the comprehensive coverage here.

AB Risk Solutions Shares the Christmas Joy to Harvest House Guam

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, AB Risk Solutions participated in a charitable initiative alongside the FBA Citizens Academy, contributing to the holiday season for children in need at Harvest House in Guam. Harvest House, a ministry dedicated to foster children and families, plays a crucial role in providing for their physical needs, offering spiritual encouragement, and extending emotional support. Despite Guam’s small community, it shoulders the responsibility of caring for over 600 kids within the foster care system. The collaborative effort, known as Santa’s Workshop, allows these kids to experience the joy of choosing their toys and gifts personally, creating cherished memories during the festive season.

As part of this initiative, there is an appeal for sports equipment, including soccer and basketballs, along with the request for new athletic shoes for children. The aim is to enhance the overall experience and provide these deserving kids with an extraordinary Christmas. Witnessing the smiles on the children’s faces as they selected their toys last December 16 was a heartening testament to the positive impact that such acts of kindness can have on the local community.

CTSI Logistics Celebrates Nauru Airlines’ Inaugural Flight to Palau, Celebrates Partnership as GSA and Cargo Terminal Operator

A momentous occasion unfolds today with Nauru Airlines’ inaugural flight to Koror, Palau. Acting as the general cargo sales agent and cargo terminal operator, the CTSI team, joined by Ms. Jennifer Sipple, Head of Customer Experience, and Mr. Seth Ika, Cargo Administrator and Capacity Controller of Nauru Airlines, signifies a significant milestone in air connectivity and trade relations.

Nauru Airlines, the national carrier of Nauru, introduces its groundbreaking Island Hopper Service, linking Palau to Brisbane, Australia. Departing Brisbane on November 30, 2023, and arriving in Koror, Palau, on December 1st, 2023, this service heralds the commencement of a transformative journey uniting the Pacific islands.

This weekly service strategically includes stopovers in Nauru, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, and Pohnpei, seamlessly weaving Palau, Australia, and the vibrant Pacific island nations together. Beyond facilitating travel, this route fosters trade, tourism, and cultural exchange among these diverse destinations.

Operating a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Nauru Airlines is dedicated to providing passenger and cargo services across the Pacific.

CTSI Logistics, in partnership with Nauru Airlines, eagerly anticipates a fruitful collaboration, fostering growth, and strengthening ties across the Pacific.

TanHoldings SBUs Clinch Top Spots in Pika’s Best of Guam 2023

TanHoldings business units secured the top spots in the recently concluded Pika’s Best of Guam 2023, affirming their commitment to excellence.

In multiple categories, FHP Health Center emerged victorious, securing recognition as the Best Medical Clinic/Provider, Best Eye Clinic, and featuring top-notch practitioners, including Best Family Physician Dr. Vinny Duenas and Best Pediatrician Dr. Edna Santos. TakeCare Insurance Company earned the Best Medical Insurance provider award, standing out for its commitment to delivering quality healthcare coverage. CTSI Logistics received acknowledgment as the Best Moving Services, showcasing its dedication to seamless and efficient transport solutions. Finally, Skechers Guam was named the Best Shoe Store, proving its prominence in providing top-quality footwear.

TanHoldings expresses heartfelt gratitude for the continuous support received from the community, emphasizing that these achievements are a testament to the trust and encouragement that fuel their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Pika’s Best of Guam 2023, conducted by Pacific Daily News, serves as a prominent platform for the community in Guam to recognize and celebrate outstanding businesses and services. The event allows users to actively participate by nominating and voting for their favorites across diverse categories.

TanHoldings and Tan Siu Lin Foundation Sponsor Team Marianas for the 2023 Pacific Games

As dedicated sponsors of community and sports initiatives, TanHoldings and the Tan Siu Lin Foundation are supporting Team Marianas as they prepare to represent the region at the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Departing on November 15, Team Marianas will compete in a diverse range of events, including athletics, beach volleyball, bodybuilding, football, golf, swimming, tennis, triathlon, va’a, and weightlifting, throughout the duration of the Pacific Games from November 19 to December 3, 2023.

As they continue to aim to foster community growth through sports, TanHoldings wishes Team Marianas the best of luck, expressing hopes for outstanding success in their upcoming competitions.

TanHoldings Gratefully Acknowledges Nominations for Pika’s Best of Guam 2023

TanHoldings expresses gratitude to its community for nominating several of its business units in various categories for Pika’s Best of Guam 2023. Among these nominees are CTSI Logistics, Inc., Century Insurance, TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc., D&Q International Distributors, and FHP Health Center.

  • CTSI Logistics, Inc. – Best Moving Services
  • Century Insurance – Best Auto Insurance, Best Home Insurance
  • TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc. – Best Medical Insurance, Best Place to Work, Best Dietician/Health Coach: Ernest Aquino
  • D&Q International Distributors – Best Local Facebook Page (GuamHome Essentials)
  • FHP Health Center – Best Medical Clinic/Provider, Best Dental Clinic, Best Eye Clinic, Best Pediatrician: Dr. Edna Santos, Best Family Physician: Dr. Vincent Duenas

The ongoing support and trust by the community are a driving force behind TanHoldings’ commitment to delivering excellence. These nominations are a testament to the dedication and quality of services provided by these business units, reaffirming their dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the people they serve. TanHoldings extends a warm invitation to the community, urging active participation and the casting of votes during the actual voting phase which will run from October 20 to November 15.

POI Aviation Earns Golden Scanner Award

TanHoldings is delighted to offer its heartfelt congratulations to POI Aviation for achieving the Golden Scanner Award. This recognition, initiated by United Airlines in 2022, is designed to honor stations that have consistently excelled in the field of mail services. It encompasses various aspects such as performance, volume, collaboration, safety, and adherence to postal customer service standards.

POI Aviation’s dedication, unwavering spirit, and a “can-do attitude” have shone brightly, even in the face of challenging peak seasons, increased volume, aircraft charters, and the impact of a typhoon. This award serves as a testament to the team’s ability to overcome obstacles and consistently deliver exceptional performance. It’s a well-deserved recognition for their commitment to excellence.

POI Aviation Takes Flight at CNMI Department of Labor 2023 Job Fair

In a promising display of opportunities, the team at POI Aviation took flight at the CNMI Department of Labor 2023 Job Fair held at the Hibiscus Hall of Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan last September 15. The event proved to be a platform where individuals displayed a keen interest in becoming part of the POI Aviation family, specifically eyeing roles as ramp agents and cargo agents. This enthusiastic response not only boosts our team but also brings prospective contributions to the community, signifying a collaborative journey towards greater heights.

With aspirations set high, POI Aviation remains steadfast in attracting talents that resonate with their vision and mission, ensuring a dynamic and dedicated workforce to serve both the organization and the community at large. As they reach out to potential candidates, POI Aviation looks forward to shaping a future where excellence and growth go hand in hand, fostering a thriving aviation community.

TanHoldings Joins Community to Remember 9/11 Heroes

TanHoldings once again stood united with the community to honor the memory of 9/11 heroes at the “We Will Never Forget: Field of Heroes” Anniversary. On September 11, they paid tribute to these heroes who dedicated their lives to the safety of others.

In the event held in Garapan, CNMI government officials, the Tan Siu Lin Foundation, and community members remembered first responders, the military, and those lost during the 9/11 attacks in the United States. They conducted a “Freedom Walk” where first responders and fire and emergency medical services personnel walked to the American Memorial Park Court of Honor and Flag Circle, where numerous American flags were displayed. These flags symbolize the daily sacrifices of CNMI’s first responders, and they will remain until September 30, continuing the remembrance and respect for these heroes.

AB Risk Solutions Recognized as One of Guam’s Best Places to Work in 2023

TanHoldings extends its heartfelt congratulations to AB Risk Solutions for being honored as one of Guam Business Magazine’s top employers for 2023. The acknowledgment was made during the Guam Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference held at the Dusit Thani Resort Guam on August 18. David Silva, the General Manager of AB Risk Solutions, proudly accepted the Recognition certificate in front of around 400 conference attendees. This award signifies AB Risk Solutions’ excellent work environment and dedication to its employees.

“Being recognized as one of Guam Business News’ Top Companies to Work for in 2023 is a great honor. What makes this award special is that it comes from our own team members. It’s very humbling when our employees and customers hold us in high regard, aligning with TanHoldings’ vision of becoming the most admired company in the Western Pacific.” Silva said, expressing his appreciation.

AB Risk Solutions was recognized alongside other outstanding companies like Dusit Thani Guam Resort, Coffman Engineering, ASC Trust, American Watertech, Bank of Guam, and American President Lines.

TanHoldings Joins 8th Annual “We Will Never Forget: Field of Heroes” Commemoration

TanHoldings recently participated in the 8th Annual “We Will Never Forget: Field of Heroes” commemoration, standing alongside government officials and emergency responders. This event, held at the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport, brought together leaders, first responders, and the community to honor the lives lost during the 9/11 attacks and recognize the dedication of present-day heroes safeguarding the CNMI and the USA. Governor Arnold Palacios, Lt. Governor David Apatang, TanHoldings CEO Jerry Tan, and various first responders gathered for the launch, emphasizing the ongoing importance of remembering and supporting these heroes who selflessly served their communities.

This event not only pays tribute to the heroes lost on 9/11 but also acknowledges the sacrifices and dedication of modern-day heroes, including firefighters, police officers, and first responders. It stands as a testament to their commitment in ensuring the safety of the CNMI and the United States. The funds raised during this event will continue to provide support to the community heroes, aiding them in recovering from the emotional strains that come with their noble decision to serve and protect.