Additional Medical Supplies Arrived in the CNMI

CTSI Logistics, the TanHoldings logistics arm, handled Asiana Airlines charter flight from South Korea to deliver additional medical supplies last April 24, 2020 at the Saipan International Airport. 

Medical supplies include 15,000 test kits, more personal protective equipment (PPE) for the medical workers and first responders, and the polymerase chain reaction testing equipment that will enhance and validate COVID-19 testing in the CNMI. 

The Governor’s Authorized Representative (GAR) Patrick Guerrero said in his interview on a Facebook livestream video that this charter flight was the CNMI’s fifth flight and they are hoping that in a coming days or weeks, they can implement the mass testing in able to instill peace and make the community feel safe. 

As per the Governor Ralph DLG Torres, “This pandemic is filled with unknowns, but what is known is the aggressive response efforts we are taking to flatten the curve more than the rest of the world, and as Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. (CHCCand our team continue to strategize mass testing for our community, we must keep our guard up until we defeat this disease. 

“Let’s continue to support our brave doctors and nurses, health care workers, first responders, their families, local and federal government employees, and private sector partners by staying home as much as you can,” he added.