CTSI Logistics Inc. and Asia Pacific Airlines Support CNMI’s Fight Against Covid-19

TanHoldings‘ Asia Pacific Airlines and CTSI Logistics showed their support and effort to fight against the global pandemic with the CNMI government.  The medical supplies which arrived last April 20 from Long Beach, California were on a chartered Asia Pacific Airlines plane, while CTSI Logistics handled the cargo on the ground.  

As per the COVID-19 Task Force Chairman Warren Villagomez, medical supplies such as ventilators, UV lights for infection control and other equipment will be used to increase the capability and facilities of Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) laboratories to enhance Covid-19 testing. 

They are also expecting more of the supplies they have ordered to come this week to provide better medical services to the CNMI residents. 

Governor Ralph DLG Torres also commended the effort of CTSI Logistics in helping them to deliver medical supplies for the CHCC laboratories and other hospital lab. 

“Stay strong, Marianas. Together, we can and we will beat Corona virus”, he added.