TanHoldings Supports Youth Development through 4-H Marianas

TanHoldings, through the Tan Siu Lin Foundation (TSLF), is honored to extend its support to 4-H Marianas and be one of the sponsors of the 4-H Camp Maga’lahi. As #friendsof4H, TanHoldings is grateful for the chance to empower and nurture the potential of the youth. Through this sponsorship, TanHoldings and TSLF show their commitment to fostering growth, education, and the holistic development of the younger generation, ensuring a promising future for the community.

The upcoming 2023 4-H Camp Maga’lahi is anticipated to be a memorable summer adventure for participants in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota as it offers an immersive experience for young campers, providing a platform to engage in various activities including swimming, hiking, and cultural exploration. Along with these adventures, campers are also given the opportunity to cultivate essential life skills such as leadership and teamwork. The engaging environment of the camp facilitates not only personal growth but also an appreciation for cultural diversity, creating a well-rounded and enriching experience for all.

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