TanHoldings Sponsors TakeCare Saipan International 2023

Photo courtesy of Northern Marianas Badminton Association

TanHoldings expresses its honor in being one of the sponsors of the TakeCare Saipan International 2023, underlining their dedication to supporting the community through sports. This sponsorship showcases their ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of sportsmanship and unity within the region.

The TakeCare Saipan International 2023 is an event organized in collaboration with Badminton Oceania and the Northern Marianas Badminton Association (NMBA). It represents an addition to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) calendar, featuring two new International Challenge tournaments in June—beginning with the Northern Marianas Open 2023 (June 6-11) and ending with the Saipan International (June 13-18). The involvement of TanHoldings in this event is a testament to their dedication to supporting sports and fostering community engagement, further reinforcing their position as a community-centric organization.

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