Sponsorship Enthusiasm Fuels the Marianas Football Cup Revival

Photo courtesy of Saipan Tribune

In the revival of the Marianas Football Cup, the Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) men’s and women’s national teams secured victories against Guam’s teams. The event, held at the Northern Marianas Soccer Training Center in Koblerville, featured four games that captivated the crowd. This marked a significant comeback for the tournament, serving as a platform for renewed rivalries and spirited soccer matches between NMI and Guam after a three-year hiatus. The overwhelming community support demonstrated the eagerness to embrace sports events once again since the pandemic, setting a positive tone for future sporting engagements in Saipan.

The recent Marianas Football Cup received support from various sponsors, including TanHoldings’ philanthropic arm, Tan Siu Lin Foundation, as well as business units D&Q International Distributors, Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan, and TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc., among others. This collaborative effort showcases the shared dedication of businesses and organizations towards fostering a vibrant soccer community in the region.

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