TSL Foundation Donates for the 73rd Liberation Day

TanHoldings and its charitable arm, Tan Siu Lin foundation showed their solid support for the celebration of the 73rd Liberation Day by donating $15,000 to the event committee.

After the recent Super Typhoon Yutu that hammered the island, the planning of Liberation Day festivities has been placed on the edge as the community is still recovering from the unfortunate aftermath. Given the situation, the TSL Foundation readily extended their support to help make the Liberation Day festivities possible.

The $15,000 donation was handed by TanHoldings Chief Executive Officer Jerry Tan and Tan Siu Lin Foundation Executive Director Merlie Tolentino to acting Saipan Mayor Antonia Tudela Manibusan last Wednesday at the Saipan Mayor’s Office. According to the Liberation Day Planning Committee, the TSL Foundation donation is the biggest that they’ve received so far which makes them a platinum sponsor.

“When things get tough, when people need help, it’s time to step up,” President and CEO Jerry Tan said.