Dove Continues to Empower Women through Renewed Commitment

Dove, through its distributors Unilever International and D&Q Saipan, has renewed its commitment to put forward women empowerment by extending its annual sponsorship amounting to $10,000 to the flourishing CNMI’s women soccer program. The brand, known for its campaign to uplift women through various engagements and activities around the world, has turned over the check last April 24, 2019 at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Kloblerville.

Unilever International Assistant Business Development Manager Anne Kathryn Ching, D&Q Saipan resident manager Max Kretzers, and regional sales manager Marilyn Marron handed over the $10,000 check to Northern Marianas Football Association (NMIFA) officials led by TanHoldings President Jerry Tan. Present in the event also are the staff from NMIFA and members of the CNMI women’s soccer training team to receive the check.

“Since Day 1, NMIFA has been fully committed to the development of women’s soccer. We’re so glad that we’re able to organize regular leagues for two seasons (spring and fall), strengthen our national team, send many of our girls to international competition, and encourage more girls to join the program. All these would not be possible without corporate support—without Dove, Unilever, and D&Q Saipan. Without them, we will not be able to take our program to the next level. We are very grateful for their generosity and with our partnership, I can confidently say that our women’s soccer program has a bright future,” TanHoldings President Jerry Tan said.