TanHoldings remains as Saipan’s strong community partner at its 45th year

Saipan recognizes TanHoldings’ active participation through different Strategic Business Units and Tan Siu Lin (TSL) Foundation, in areas of environmental awareness, education, health and fitness, sports as well as issues among veterans/first responders. Activities initiated and/or supported by TanHoldings include beach cleanups and tree plantings, scholarships, shirt donations, the annual Marianas March Against Cancer, sports […]Read More »

Tan Holdings participates at 2017 Liberation Day

Tan Holdings participated in the 72nd Liberation Day celebration held last July 4. Liberation Day commemmorates the emancipation of island residents from the confines of Camp Susupe and the repatriation of Japanese, Korean and Okinawan citizens following World War II. This year’s Tan Holdings float features several flowers such as ginger blossons and birds of […]Read More »

CTSI Saipan’s General Manager finishes Management Course

CTSI Saipan’s General Manager Joven Cruz participated in the 93rd Management Development Program at the prestigious Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati, Philippines, last April 24 to May 19. The General Manager found the said program to be a rich resource of new ideas, insights, and perspectives on how to be a better leader […]Read More »

CTSI Guam attends Hazmat and Forklift Training

CTSI Guam completes a new Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) and Forklift Training held late last May. The said session was part of the continuous training that includes the understanding of locally regulated guidelines in the handling and transport of hazardous goods and maneuvering of forklift. Such training is necessary for protection of both CTSI and its […]Read More »

Tan Holdings and CTSI Guam participate in 12th United Airlines Plane Pull

  Tan Holdings is as one of the 43 participants in United Airlines’ United Plane Pull on its 12th anniversary last June 24 at the United Hangar in Tiyan, Guam. Teams of 25 members each competed to pull the United Boeing 737 aircraft in the fastest time. Tan Holdings finished in 6th place in the […]Read More »

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