Tan Holdings joins Earth Hour

For the 7th straight year, Tan Holdings and Strategic Business Units participated in the annual Earth Hour celebration, held on the last Saturday of March, from 8:30-9:30pm.
This year was especially notable in that the activity has spread amongst many families that make up the 700+ employees under Tan Holdings and its SBUs.
Lina Dimaano, Vice-President said: “This is a welcome surprise. We have always given importance to the environment, but to see individual and family-based participation like we have this year, is a testament that our team members are themselves becoming stewards of positive change.”
The local newspaper, the Saipan Tribune came out with an article featuring images of Tan Holdings families enjoying different activities during the one hour Earth Hour celebration.
Jerry Tan, President of Tan Holdings said: “This is what Earth Hour is all about. We are part of a global community that has resolved to help lessen the impact of climate change. And our goal is to go beyond the “hour.” We want the stewardship of our environment to be a daily habit for each and every team member under Tan Holdings.