TanHoldings Celebrates Earth Day 2022

With its purpose to raise awareness and protect the environment as part of their corporate social responsibility practices, TanHoldings virtually celebrated Earth Day last April 22, 2022. The online program aims to advocate for this year’s Earth Day theme, “Invest in our Planet”.

Speakers from various Strategic Business Units such as POI Aviation, D&Q International Distributors, and AB Risk Solutions hosted the virtual program wherein relevant videos were played to inform the audience regarding the prevalent problems the Earth is facing, specifically plastic pollution.


The highlight of the event is the launch of the “Zero Plastic, Make it a Habit” campaign, encouraging the Strategic Business Units to look at ways on how plastic consumption can be reduced in their respective units. Activities related to quarterly-themes were launched to sustain engagement within the group.

“Much is needed from us, not just as a business, but also as individuals; because every day, our choices have a direct impact on our environment. Let’s enjoy and learn from this virtual celebration and let’s be on our way to reducing plastic use across all our business units,” says Jerry Tan, CEO and President of TanHoldings.

They ended the program by asking team members to express their commitment through submitting their own environmental pledges via an online form.

Earth Day is one of the biggest celebrations honoring the birth of the environmental movement. It takes place annually on the 22nd of April.

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