Let’s Go! Featured in BTS and Momoland’s Promotional Activities

BTSLet’s Go! has been featured by famous Kpop idol groups BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) and Momoland (known for their hit song “Bboom Bboom”) when they visited Saipan for various promotional activities last April and May. BTS landed the shores of Marianas for their Summer Package photoshoot. They were filmed and photographed riding the Jetovator at Let’s Go Marine, interacting with the stingrays at SeaTouch and traversing the trail an ATV at Let’s Go Land Tour.

Momoland, on the other hand, has filmed their first ever reality TV show, “Momoland’s Beautiful Days in Saipan” where they feature the members having fun at SeaTouch and taking the adventurous ride via Let’s Go Land Tour.

Watch this link for the footage of BTS and Momoland in Let’s Go!: