Team Building Seminar

On March 19, SBU’s from JP Center (such as Saipan Tribune, L&T, Century Insurance, Century Travel, RMS) and TSL Plaza, participated in a half day team building seminar. This event was the start of a quarterly employee development program that will provide training for each individual and/or department. A total of 72 attendees were present at the day of the event. Registration started promptly at 8 am with a majority of attendees present and ready to begin. Senior Vice President Eli Arago, gave a wonderful welcome speech at the start and the seminar began with a team building presentation given by the HR Officer, followed by a self-evaluation that allowed each attendee to distinguish where they stand on a personal and goal oriented level. There were 2 activities that were simultaneously occurring. The first event was called Mine Field; this exercise gave coworkers a chance to work on their relationships and trust issues, which is why they were paired into teams. This activity allowed team members to trust their partner’s directions and taught them to communicate in a more effective way. The second event, called The Big Picture, taught participants how to work in a team, all while getting everyone to understand that each person working on their own part contributes to an overall group result. Everyone also had the chance to learn about what makes a great team member/player through Jerry Tan (Tan Holdings President), who came in and encouraged each individual to develop their potential and utilize the tools that are available to them. An evaluation of the event was conducted as the seminar came to a close. Overall, the feedback received was positive with requests for more activities, like this, to be planned regularly.