Tan Holdings Volunteers: Plant a Tree, Save the Environment

Before bidding farewell to 2011, Tan Holdings executives and managers initiated another effort to preserve the environment as well as to promote tourism: by planting trees. For their first tree planting activity, the group has targeted the planting of 70 tree saplings at the Susupe Beach Park. Leading the group was Tan Holdings President Jerry Tan, who was the first to plant a sapling. The tree saplings were comprised of nonak, kafu, daok, and talisai trees. Alongside these, the group also used fertilizer tablets for the activity – all of which were provided by the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA). Representing MINA at the Tan Holdings activity was MINA Executive Director Sam Sablan and board member Ryan Okano. Based on the number of volunteers who were present at the event as well as the turnout of the activity itself, the launch of the first tree planting activity of Tan Holdings was deemed successful. According to the group, they plan to continue with this Going Green initiative on a quarterly basis.