Tan Holdings Mobilizes Volunteers in Souledor Aftermath

In the aftermath of Typhoon Souledor, which devastated the island of Saipan, citizens from all walks of life have come out to help one another, and to slowly pick up the pieces and rebuild and repair what they can.

Jerry Tan, President of Tan Holdings, called upon his 700+ strong people base to volunteer for cleanup activities in different parts of the island as he also thanked them for their help in “putting our facilities back in order and resuming normalcy into our companies’ business operations.”

In a memo to all employees of Tan Holdings, Jerry Tan mentioned that, “Tan Holdings and all affiliates are undertaking measures to reach out and give aid to our employees who have been severely affected by the typhoon – those who were left without homes and basic necessities. At the same time, I believe we also have a responsibility to help the community and bring a semblance of normalcy around us.”

Tan Holdings and its strategic business units have taken a lead role in volunteer efforts to help clean up public areas after the storm. These cleanup activities are ongoing on a daily basis with the companies providing both manpower and available equipment or tools to help in the drive.

Tan said, “This is a hard, yet temporary setback for the people in Saipan.” We will recover and we will be better than before. What’s important at this point is that we are all helping one another,” he added.

The typhoon also downed over 800 power poles that totally cut power to the island. Estimates say it may take more than a month for full power to be restored.