Tan Holdings Inter-company Basketball and Volleyball Leagues Now Open


The Tan Holdings Inter-company basketball and volleyball leagues opened last March 20 at the TSL Sports Complex. The event was organized by the Saipan Soccer School.
Dave Sablan, known affectionately as “Uncle Dave,” Tan Holdings’ Corporate Consultant, graced the opening activities.
“We must always exercise and never neglect good health. While you are young, always find time to exercise and have some fun,” Sablan said. Uncle Dave, who turns 83 on April 2nd and is the most senior of Tan Holdings Executives, then bent over to touch his toes, showing all of the players and participants that he is still in the ‘pink of health’. His liveliness was well received by the teams present.
There are a total of 12 teams participating in this year’s leagues. Six teams for basketball and six teams volleyball.
Basketball Teams: Lowerbase Warriors (CTSI, DQ, Cosmos, Saipan Shrimp), POI Aviation, The Chief’s (Tribune, TSL Plaza, CIC, Ctravel), Shirley’s Coffee Shop, Fiesta Rockers, Kanoa Kylin.
Volleyball teams: Fiesta Rockers, Sets in the CT (Ctours, POI, 880 Duty Free), Unvolleybabelles (Takecare, TSL Plaza), Mixed-up (Kanoa, Century Hotel, DQ, Cosmos, CTSI), Pinkie Spikers (Tribune, SSS, L&T), Volleyptuous (TSLF, CIC, Ctravel, L&T, RMS)
Games are scheduled every Friday and shall culminate on June 12, 2015.