Table tennis gear donated to elementary schools


Guam Table Tennis and CTSI donated tables to elementary schools this morning. Students will be there for demonstration and hands on play with Olympian Michal Hyatt. Liguan, Wettengel and Maria Ulloa Elementary all received tables today to help with getting the kids active and promoting the sport around the island to our youth.

Hyatt told KUAM Sports, “Guam Table Tennis Federation and Mr. Ji has done is donate some table tennis tables to several elementary schools this past week. Today we have been visiting all of these elementary schools and donating the tables officially to the principals, the student body and the students have been having a lot of fun. Our sponsors for the event is CTSI who graciously helped with the delivery and paying for all of the trucking expenses, set up and the logistics of the tables. The kids have had a wonderful time and each school we have gone to we have got the commitment of the principal and the P.E teachers that they are going to continue the program.

“We have given away rackets and have given away balls so it’s been an exciting day and an exciting week as far as getting the tables to the elementary schools across Guam.”

This article was written by Dave Delgado and originally appeared on on June, 2015. Ownership of, and credit for this article belongs solely to and Mr. Delgado.