Saipan Unity Lions Club Members from Tan Holdings Put up Fund Drive for Japanese Twin Disaster Victims

Members of the Saipan Unity Lions Club came together on March 25 for the hot lunch fund drive, a fund raising activity intended for the victims of the Japanese Twin Disaster.

The fund drive was initiated by the active members of the Saipan Unity Lions Club.  Among these are also from Tan Holdings:  the Saipan Unity Lion’s Club’s President, Ladyvir Canape of Cosmos; its treasurer, Noemi Catigan of Asia Pacific Hotel, Inc; its 1-year director Agripino Buensalido of CTSI and its 2-year director, Guillermo T. Canape, Jr. of POI Aviation.

Through the fund drive, the club was able to turn over $500 to the Japanese Society of the NMI.