Preservation of CNMI History – David M. Sablan

David M. Sablan is a well-known and pioneering businessman in the Northern Mariana Islands who has been involved in some of the most important commercial undertakings over a sixty-year period. Mr. Sablan is being recognized for his recently published book “A Degree of Success through Curiosity.” The book documents Mr. Sablan’s life from his birth on Saipan in the 1930s during the Japanese administration until the present time. The book provides a wide range of information on the social, political and economic history of the NMI over an 80 year period, particularly with respect to the post-war economic development on Saipan. The book also includes revealing portraits of pre-war life, the trials and tribulations of the war years, and the challenges and opportunities that came with the American occupation of the islands in 1944. It is a history told from a local eye-witness perspective and undoubtedly will inspire others in the community to either share their own stories or to undertake research exploring a wide range of topics associated with the post-World War II history of the Northern Mariana Islands.