POI Aviation Coordinator Recognized for Invaluable Contribution

POI Aviation’s newly-employed Safety and Security Coordinator, Patrick J. Tenorio, was among those recognized from the  private and government sectors last January 18 for his contribution to the development of a port evacuation plan and  improved maritime safety measures, as required by the Department of Homeland Secutiy.

Tenorio’s role ioj this project was based on his previous assignment as CNMI Office of Homeland Security official.

Other recognized individuals were CPA seaport manager MaryAnn Q. Lizama; CNMI Office of Homeland Security’s Marvin K. Seman; Emergency Management Office’s Joaquin Omar, George Cabrera, Juan Camacho and Henry Yarofalpiy; CPA Ports Police chief Jordon Lee Kosam, assistant chief Juan Dela Cruz and Capt. Juan Rebuenog; Customs Services Division director Jesus Muna and Lt. Rick Camacho; Department of Public Safety-Fire Division’s Capt. Juan Pua; Police Officer Nober Pua of DPS Boating Safety; Department of Public Health’s Warren Villagomez; Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s Al Santos; Division of Environmental Quality’s Reina Camacho and David Chargualaf; Coastal Resources Management’s John San Nicolas; and Barbara Mizutani from the CNMI Legislature.