Let’s Go Team rids Mt. Tapochau of Trash

fiestaMarch 11, 2015, Saipan, MP – On March 10 team members of the Let’s Go Tour Company collected several large bags of trash from Mt. Tapochau. The volunteers decided as a group that they would help the community by collecting trash that was accumulating in the parking lot and around the viewing decks.

Steve Sablan, Operation Manager said, “All of our guides are from Saipan and they take pride in their Island. Mt. Tapochau is absolutely one of the most beautiful places in the region and having a clean tourist stop makes it easier for our guides to show how pristine our islands are.”

The guides also brought tools with them to collect trash that was hanging over ledges and obstructing photos and views of Garapan.

Dan Sanchez, one of Let’s Go’s tour guides, said “Every time I bring tourists up here I always try to pick up some trash, and I’m glad my co-workers and I got together to do this. We’re going to keep doing this each time we come up here.”

The cleanup drive was given the monicker, “Let’s Help!” It’s a call-to-action that matches the “Let’s Go” brand in more ways that one. Where the company name connotes fun and action-packed adventure, in the “Let’s Help” effort, team members inject fun and light banter while helping the community. Sanchez adds, “We all have fun doing this. We get to drive our Razrs and do some good for the community at the same time.”

Let’s Go Tour Company also promised to donate a commercial ashtray for visitors use.

“We collected lots of cigarette butts throughout the area. In these windy and dry weather patterns, this could be disastrous for our environment. At least having somewhere to safely extinguish cigarettes would mitigate this problem.” Sablan said.

Let’s Go tour Company is the latest venture under Tan Holdings Corporation. The business group has heavily invested in tourism and hospitality products over the years in long-term support for the economy of the CNMI and its people.