Kanoa GM visits Hospitality Class in Saipan.

Last March 2, 2015, Kanoa Resort General Manager, Wendi Herring was a guest speaker at the Saipan Southern High School hospitality class.
The class, taught by Kanae Quinn, gives students a glimpse into the hospitality industry, and helps prepare them to join the Saipan workforce.
“Saipan is such a big part of my career, I’ve met such great people on this Island and stared my journey into the industry on these shores. I’m glad to have met and spoken to these young adults to share my experiences in the hopes that they follow their dreams like I did when I was their age,” Wendi Herring said.
Calling it “a great experience,” Kanoa Resort’s recently-appointed General Manager related the activity to helping out the community in small ways.
Each of us that are in a position to help, must reach out to our young students and speak to them about opportunities, the need to study hard and to follow your dreams,” she added.