Hotel completes its Adopt-a-Bus Stop Painting Project

Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan painted 3 more bus stops along Beach Road on January 17, 2015. This completes their goal of painting 5 bus stops.

Managers and team members of the hotel took to the streets of Garapan to give the bus stops a “face lift” with a new coat of paint.

The Fiesta team agreed that keeping the bus stops clean is only half the challenge. What’s equally important is that they keep these bus stops free of graffiti. Fiesta General Manager Abner Acosta said: “We will continue to maintain and keep these bus stops clean as part of our commitment to serve the community and keep our neighborhood beautiful.

Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan initiated the Adopt-a-Bus Stop Painting Project and took responsibility over 5 bus stops in the Garapan area from the CNMI Public School System (PSS).