Fiesta Saipan and Adopt-a-Pavilion Volunteers Support the 2011 ICC

Once again, community members from CNMI supported an annual initiative to protect the ocean by participating in the 2011 International Coastal Cleanup.  As in the previous year, Fiesta Saipan and the Adopt-a-Pavilion team were among the groups that took part in this major two-day cleanup event.

On the second day of the 2011 ICC (September 17), 41 volunteers from Fiesta Saipan focused on cleaning up Makaka Beach and a part of Beach Road.  The Fiesta group collected 35 bags of trash, which approximately weighed 175 lbs.

At about the same time, the Adopt-a-Pavilion team cleaned up the shorelines of 13 Fishermen to the Garapan Fishing Group.  The group was able to gather a total of 20 bags or approximately 100 lbs. of trash.

On their part, the Coastal Resource Management, along with the Department of Environmental Quality, retrieved and properly disposed of the trash and recycling collected from the cleanup on Saipan.