Fiesta Resort Supports 10th Saipan Marathon

April 25, 2015 marked the 10th Saipan Marathon.

Neither pouring rain nor the hot sun deterred the 18 Fiesta Resort and Spa Saipan Volunteers’ spirit as they assisted in handing out water, omeboshi, cold sponges, and fruits to more than 450 runners from different countries who competed in the race.

The hotel’s first aid/water station was the turn around for 10K runners while competitors of the half marathon, full marathon, and the 50k events all passed by on their way to PIC’s turn around station.

Fiesta itself fielded 12 runners, 10 for the 10k event and 2 for the 21k or half-marathon.

The annual Saipan Marathon is hosted by Marianas Visitors Bureau.