Fiesta Resort joins 1st Hospitality Expo at World Resort


The 1st CNMI Hospitality Expo held at the World Resort opened to the general public shortly after lunch on Friday, March 27th. At least 25 vendors participated in the event.
Short welcoming remarks were given by Marianas Visitor’s Authority Managing Director Perry Tenorio and Saipan Chamber of Commerce President, Alex Sablan. Tenorio reminded everyone “that tourism is every body’s business.”
This was followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the Expo.
Fiesta Resort and Spa Saipan joined this pioneering event and manned their booth throughout the afternoon.
They displayed their products and services through slide shows on three (3) laptops set up on their booth and handed out brochures of their restaurant outlets and hotel room accommodations.
There were many inquiries about their products and services as well as career-related inquiries from interested members of the community.
There was entertainment, plenty of raffle prizes, and giveaways from vendors participating at the Expo. There was also some food tasting as some vendors offered samples such as wine, tea, ice cream, cookies, barbecued beef and hotdogs.