Century Insurance Co. launches CIC Risk Management Solutions


By Contributing Author|Posted on May 11 2015
Century Insurance Co. has launched new programs called “CIC Risk Management Solutions” to provide value-added services to its growing body of commercial insurance customers. These services are provided in cooperation with its general agents on Saipan, Aon Insurance, and Pacifica Insurance.

There are three facets to CIC Risk Management Solutions:

Managed care for Workers Compensation injuries
CIC has partnered with FHP Health Center to provide expedited medical care for its Workers Compensation Insurance claimants. When an employee of its Workers Compensation Insurance clients has an occupational injury and the employee seeks treatment from FHP Health Center, the injured employee receives “VIP treatment.”

CIC is negotiating with other medical clinics to be added to this program.

Claims management
CIC teaches its commercial insurance customers how to handle claims as they occur. Whether it be an occupational injury, a customer that was injured on the premises, or an auto accident, CIC’s professional claims staff teaches customers how to handle the injured person’s needs so that the claim is handled promptly, professionally, and fairly.

CIC also assists its commercial insurance customers with ways to reduce the frequency and impact of claims on business operations.

Loss Control services
CIC provides its commercial insurance customers with trained staff to inspect and identify conditions that may cause an insurance claim. CIC provides recommendations to eliminate or reduce those conditions.

CIC’s Loss Control surveyor is a trained engineer with many years of experience as a risk inspector. Recently, he completed a course in OSHA Hazard Recognition from the University of California at San Diego. (CIC)

This article was originally authored by Contributing Author of the Saipan Tribune and published on May 11th, 2015. All rights, recognition and acknowledgment are belong to the author and the Saipan Tribune.