Big help to a big turn out for the 2012 Saipan Marathon

It was no surprise to the massive turn out for the 2012 Saipan Marathon last March 3 and with that, Fiesta Resort and Spa Saipan along with several Tan Holdings affiliates seized the opportunity to lend out a helping hand for the big event.

There were reportedly 27 volunteers from Fiesta and Tan Holdings handing out bottles of cool water, sport drinks and fresh fruits to over 800 athletes from across the world including athletes from Saipan. The 2012 Saipan Marathon is sponsored by the Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA).

The Saipan Marathon is now on its 7th year this 2012, the MVA hopes for a bigger turn out next year as the Saipan Marathon is one of the island’s most signature events and shows the greatest growth potential in terms of tourism.