Arago has compatriots ‘in his heart’

By Dennis B. Chan on March 27, 2015


Recently confirmed Philippine honorary consul Eli Arago will look to the wants and needs of his countrymen in the CNMI.

The Philippine Consulate General in Guam announced Wednesday that Arago has been confirmed by the U.S. State Department as honorary consul.

In an interview, Arago said that Consul General Marciano De Borja pushed his appointment, passing on his selection to the U.S. State Department for confirmation.

He said Borja told him that there are formalities to be done first before he assumes the responsibilities as honorary consul, which includes processing reports of birth and other documents, not including passports.

This could be done as soon as in May or June.

Arago said he believes his office at JP Center is “enough to handle the job,” noting that he thinks his Tan Holdings family will support him.

“It’s about utilizing the resources that you have, the people. And as I’ve said, leadership will count. If you know how to lead, it’s easy,” he said.

He said he would try his best to exercise what is expected of him as honorary consul. “I know I can help my kababayans [compatriots]. I believe people will share with me what they need and what they want. I can’t promise anything at this time but one thing I’m sure of is, I will really help our kababayans because it’s in my heart.”

Right now the CNMI has no Philippine consulate. Arago, who is the senior vice president of Tan Holdings, becomes the Guam consulate general office’s representative to the CNMI.

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