2015 Taste of Marianas Chefs’ and Best Decorated Booth Competition


Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan took home the 17th Taste of Marianas Chefs’ Competition 1st Prize of $500.00

Chef Ed Gabito & Chef Nestor De Vera joined forces in preparing the award winning recipe ‘Tamales Beef Almondigas with Noni Salsa Sauce’. The Fiesta Team edged out six other hotels in Saipan to win the 1st prize.

Fiesta Resort also won the Best Booth Competition. Fiesta’s food stall was made out of bamboo, coconut fronds, woven mats and decorated with fresh local fruits and vegetables.

It was a great back to back victory for Fiesta Resort and Spa Saipan. Kudos to all the hard working and dedicated staff of Fiesta Resort who all worked together to make this possible.

Guests with discriminating palates lined up to taste Fiesta Resort’s best barbequed chicken and ribs and delicious dishes.

Join us again next year for the 18th Taste of Marianas.