Fiesta and POI joins career fair

Last September 19, Pacific Oriental Inc. and Fiesta Resort and Spa Saipan joined the Public School System Cooperative (PSSC) Education Career Fair held at Saipan World Resort. The Career Fair is for the cooperative education and training program intended for students in the upcoming fall semester. Students were given a glimpse of the corporate world […]Read More »

New President for APHI

Effective September 11, Jeffrey W. Schweizer takes on the position of President, Asia Pacific Hotels, Inc. (APHI), under the Tan Holdings group. Schweizer began his career in APHI on April 2005 as General Manager. Schweizer took part in the reopening and rebranding of the historical Dai-Ichi Hotel now known as Fiesta Resort Guam.He also has […]Read More »

Working with the Works!

As part of Tan Holdings’ 40th year anniversary, the company donated $10, 000 to the Works! Foundation in Guam. Tan Holdings is known to show full support to organizations that help in preserving the beauty of the region. The Works! Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Atty. Naoko Shimize on April 2011. The foundation […]Read More »

Tan Holdings 40th Anniversary Sports Festival

As part of Tan Holdings’ 40 years of making good business in Micronesia, the company is holding a Sports Fest that will commence on September and continue until the end of November. The event will feature the following sports: basketball, baseball, soccer, badminton and bowling. Tan Holdings will give out cash prizes as well as […]Read More »

Tan Sui Lin Foundation reaches out to the Philippine flood victims

The generous arm of the Tan Sui Lin Foundation and the Tan Holdings group of companies recently provided help to the flood victims in the Philippines by donating boxes of groceries to the LBC donation drive that ended last August 31. The TSL Foundation purchased $1,500 worth of grocery items from Tan Holdings affiliates Dickerson […]Read More »

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